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Current status

Our client uses in business and successfully implemented a project which follows the requirements of MiFID II legislative framework instituted by the European Union.


Our client was interested in highly qualified specialists in financial domains who can develop new solution for legislative framework and support all processes from scratch on long-term basis.

We were a part of the big distributed team where we were presented by developers with deep technical expertise and knowledge in the financial domain.

The complexity of the project was connected to the enterprise world so it means a lot of attention to such areas as: secure storage of user data, auto deployment of the solution, microservices architecture, auto testing, extended logging and audit trail, Continuous Integration (GitLab) and so on.

One more challenge was deep understanding of the financial business processes which were implemented in the solution, it requires not only understanding but also be able to correctly implement the necessary abstractions using many programming languages.

Stack of technologies

Database: MS SQL
Backend: C#, .Net, ASP.NET Core MVC, WebAPI
Frontend: Asp.Net MVC + Angular JS/2+

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