Datascience development

Datascience Development

Current status

- Reporting layer, complicated business logic
- Prediction system (under NDA) (in the development mode now)
- Tracking system in the production mode (management support)


Initial task was porting R to T-SQL scripts. Scripts calculate a lot of indicators and financial statuses of factoring company. Scripts were successfully ported and we suggested to improve sources because they were unreadable and unsupportable.We prepared tons of documentation where we describe workflows and formulas, after that scripts were successfully refactored and even calculation’s results were improved.For example several scripts were shrunk 10 times.

High quality of responsibilities built trust business relations. Client initiated a new level of cooperation, we started other projects.

One more programmer from our team were involved into maintenance of the existing tracking system in production mode( full time responsibilities). There are tons implemented and embedded enhancements and fixed bugs.

One more data scientist is working in cooperation with the NOW corp team prepared prediction model which predicts valuable indicators for the company with accuracy around 80%.

Stack of technologies

Database: MS SQL
Backend: C#, .Net, ASP.NET Core MVC, WebAPI
Frontend: Asp.Net MVC + Angular JS/2+

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